you can still call me rj (ruthlessbabe) wrote in free_society,
you can still call me rj

free money guaranteed
This is a link to StudioTraffic, which has been proved to be NOT FRAUD. There are thousands of people who have proved their earnings from this site, and you can see actually checks they have gotten on their messageboard. It has been up and working for over 2 years.
It works easier than any conga line, you just click the link to open a surf window and it SURFS FOR YOU. All you have to do is click the link and leave the window up for an hour when you're online.
They give you a ten dollar credit when you sign up and AT NO TIME ARE YOU OBLIGATED TO GIVE MONEY. You can choose to give money if you want to earn more than the minimum.
And the more people who register, the faster the site makes and sends your earnings.
I'll register for your credits, if you register for mine.
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