Candace Mountain (camountain) wrote in free_society,
Candace Mountain

Firefox + SurfJunky = Free Money

.....Okay I am not usually into these make money for nothing deals unless it makes sense and this one does once you think about it. Basically they pay you to run their browser which pop-ups ads every 30 seconds. In exchange for this they pay you between .45 and .75 cents an hour which can add up as I'll show you. However, pop-up ads, yuck, I hate them. That is where Firefox comes in.

Using Firefox you can tab their browser and get no pop ups while still getting paid. All you have to do is when you click on the link to open their browser ('Click Here to Launch The Surf Junky Browser') make sure you are holding down your control key. Also in your firefox settings (Tools...Options..Web Features..Advanced) remove the checkmark from 'move or resize existing windows' and 'Raise or lower windows'. This will make it run smoothly behind whatever you are doing while making yourself some money.

How can they afford this?

Easy, they get paid for these pop-ups, much more than we get paid to surf. We basically get a small portion of their add money for free. They start you out at .45 an hour but that increases as you use it and for adding people, what I am trying to do now. As far as I am concerned it is an easy sell with my Firefox modifications :-)

So just sign up with my links and lets make some free money. (They pay out in pay pal as well as other methods I don't recognize)
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